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Scada - ABOUT


The experts employed in ”SCADA” together with the experts engaged by business contract have great experience in the following areas:

SCADA - systems


Information and computers systems

Computer network

Development and production of hardware equipment

Design, engineering and project management of this kind of systems

“SCADA” has good business relationships  and cooperation with local electric power companies, water supply companies and factories. The experience of the experts from “SCADA”, finished projects and equipment which we have made and delivered assure a our customers successful implementation of the contracts.


"SCADA" offers its customers full project management, consulting and expert services in various fields of activities such as:  
I Software development

SCADA software - software for system control and data acquisition based on PC platforms with operating systems: DOS, UNIX and NT.

Custom developed software for control of experiments and machines.

Business software: accountancy, finances, invoicing, Personal incomes, catering, storehouse running.

Software for ticket selling systems: cinema and theatres

II Measurement equipment production

Level switch (RF) for all kinds of materials: liquid, powder, grain

Level meter for liquids

Hygrometer for cereals

Electro-magnetic flowmeters for all conductive liquids

Wind velocity meter

III Project design

Design of SCADA systems

Design of automation of complex systems (power-stations, plant... )

Design of Integral information systems (for companies)

Computer network design (LAN, WAN)

Design of Hydraulic-systems and water supply

IV Project engineering
Full realization of complex systems from selection and supply of equipment, installation, putting into operation to staff training and making final documentation. 

V Development
Development of custom designed special devices as required by a customer with complete  production documentation and firmware software.
Development of custom designed software packets as required by a customer.

VI Consulting
Services regarding assistance in defining requirements and range of optimal systems with the best possible ratio quality - price.

"SCADA" approach to the project realization is a team work taking into account:

Complexity of the project and staff required

Scope of the project and precise management structure, contributing to the more efficient project implementation

The team work provides a direct contact and cooperation with a Client’s team and the ultimate result is better understanding of the Client’s needs as well as transfer of knowledge and data.